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Note: if you just want to use the importer, go here.

I've been using Tumblr for about 6 months now, and I've loved it from the start. Up till now, I've only used it for my tumblelog and a few private groups for projects. But every time I posted on my regular blog, I missed Tumblr. That's what gave me a crazy thought: move my blog to Tumblr.

Yes, we can finally start proving all those people wrong who say Tumblr is just for microblogging.

To get people moving to Tumblr though, it needs to be able to transfer posts from other blogging services. I know of one tool to move from WordPress. But I haven't seen anything to move from Blogger.

After just a few evenings, I hacked up a tool to import Blogger posts to Tumblr. It's written in PHP and the source is available in zip or tar.bz2 a git repo.

I've officially moved my entire blog now. :-) Unfortunately, I didn't have a domain before, so anyone wanting to follow it will have to update their links. To prevent this from happening ever again, I got a domain — plpatterns.com — and began using FeedBurner for my feed.

As for the comments, I'm actually glad to be rid of them. I'd much rather have people reblog or email me with comments. I know it would be good for the community to make an importer to Disqus though to reduce the cost (and fear) of switching. Maybe I'll do that next month (if someone else doesn't do it first). (See update 3.)

Just to give you guys a warning… One unfortunate side-effect of importing is that Following it blows out your Dashboard at the time when the posts were imported (this past Sunday for this blog).

I hope some people find this helpful.

Update: I added tagging all imported posts, in case people want to distinguish them from non-imported ones. I also changed the timeout to 30 minutes, so no one should have problems importing lots of posts. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Update 2: I moved the code to GitHub tumblr-tools.

Update 3: Disqus supposedly added Blogger comments importing. I haven't tried it. Anyone have luck with this? Or does this only work if you're using Disqus with Blogger?

参考: http://plpatterns.com/post/37782942/moving-from-blogger-to-tumblr
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